Customers are increasingly demanding 

They need experiences that are “truly emotional”

Business Problems

  • The rate of customer abandonment is increasing due to bad experiences

  • Customer information is not properly stored, secure and easily fragmented

  • Lack of intuitive tools for effective information retrieval, analysis, and tracking

  • Connecting business to social media platforms is technologically difficult

  • Digital transformation for business development has not been invested due to lack of financial resources

Realcore Solutions

  • Centralize customer experience data in one place, create 360-degree customer portraits

  • Analyze based on specific metrics collected from online and offline behavior to deliver the right interaction at the right time

  • Provide a platform where all departments can participate in the process of optimizing the customer experience

  • Provide automated interactive tools that save time and manpower while still being able to create a great experience with a large customer base

  • Easy cross-platform data connection without too much programming technical requirements

Need a personalized solution?

We create a professional customer experience management platform. Helping businesses build great customer experiences while focusing on growth.

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Realcore Affiliate

Customer experience management

Helping businesses build great customer experiences while focusing on growth

We centralize customer data in one place to understand a 360-degree customer portrait. Thereby, we can build the most personalized and appropriate interaction strategies





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Designed for SMEs and Enterprise.

It’s time to get proactive with Realcore customer experience management platform. The free trial allows you to connect, tag and monitor every single touchpoint between a customer and your business online, on mobile devices or in-store.

You can also gain valuable information about their interests and preferences, so you can create effective advertising

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Easy to get started, without many technical and knowledge barriers


Complete model to focus on customer centric


Customization to suit different types of businesses

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