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REALCORE – Customer Experience Management Platform (CXMP)

Realcore is a cloud-based CXMP that provides everything you need for true omnichannel visibility. We help companies understand their customers and how to build loyalty and lifetime value by understanding when, where and how customers are interacting with them. From our analytics platform with in-app event tracking to our cross channel CXM, we power multi-touch communication.

Realcore combines loyalty, voice of customer, and competitive market into a single view of the customer. Realcore enables organizations to make smarter decisions based on real-time insights from all data available about their customers, while also knowing what their competitors are up to.

Our Mission

Our Mission

For a sustainable business environment – healthy and always innovative

Take the lead in changing our thinking towards an open innovation concept. Open innovation is a methodology for bringing together diverse ideas for innovation, so that obstacles and boundaries can be overcome.

It can help describe new product development processes that focus on determining the value of open research.

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Meet the Team.

Phuong Nguyen


10 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. Ability to strategize marketing, sales and customer experience

Realcore CCO

Duc Trinh


10 years of experience in team management and business operations with the ability to build and standardize management processes

Thoai Nguyen


10 years of experience in software development working for Europe, USA, Australia and Japan market

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