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Frequently Asked Questions

Realcore is a software?

It’s not really an app or a website. Realcore is developed based on a hybrid solution system hosted in the cloud. This is the future solution of the sharing economy and the industrial revolution 4.0. It helps us to optimize costs while still meeting complex solutions of new technologies.

Does business an IT team to maintain and use Realcore?

Realcore does not require an IT team to operate and maintain. All technical issues have been supported by Realcore’s team. You only need to focus on business strategies and customer experience.

Is our data secure?

Realcore is committed to absolute security of customer data. All Realcore employees do not have the ability to access customer data without prior consent. In addition, we also have solutions to encrypt user data and store private data in high-quality security service packages.


Realmax was officially launched in 2019, one of the innovative startups in Vietnam in research Customer Experience Management

Realcore is our flagship product towards the ultimate solution for customer experience on the basis of data digitization.

Mr Duc Trinh

COO – Realmax

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